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Russell Crowe on “The Nice Guys” set

Updated the gallery with 3 albums with Russell Crowe working on the set of The Nice Guys :

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“The Water Diviner” Posters

Updated the gallery with the 2 The Water Diviner posters :

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Russell Crowe in “The Water Diviner” Trailer – HD screencaps

Added 137 HD screencaps with Russell Crowe in The Water Diviner trailer :

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Russell Crowe in “The Water Diviner” Trailer

Russell Crowe in “Noah” – New Movie Stills

Updated the gallery with 10 new movie stills with Russell Crowe in Noah :

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Russell Crowe in “Fathers and Daughters” – Movie Stills

Added 2 movie stills with Russell Crowe in his upcoming drama Fathers and Daughters :

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“The Water Diviner” Featurette – First Look

The Australian Channel Seven aired the first official look at “The Water Diviner”. It’s narrated by Russell Crowe, as he tells of his journey as a director and introduces the main cast including Olga Kurylenko, Jai Courtney, Ryan Corr, Yilmaz Erdogan and Cem Yilmaz. There is also some beautiful footage from location in Turkey, South Australia and Sydney – and just the slightest hint at the action you can expect to see. Russell and the extraordinary cast and crew do some awesome job with bringing this story to life :

credits: The Water Diviner Blog & MOVIES Coming Soon – YouTube Channel

Screencaps with Russell :

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The Water Diviner: Featurette – First Look (2014) – Screencaps [HD]

If making a movie in Pittsburgh, try for accurate story

Russell Crowe is filming “Fathers & Daughters” here, in which he plays a famous and successful writer who wins a Pulitzer Prize, so we looked for him in the late-night hours hoping to get some tips on how to pretend to be a famous and successful writer who wins a Pulitzer Prize.

We checked in every bar in Pittsburgh — man, there are lots of them — with no luck. That’s a shame, as we wanted to hand him some script ideas to ensure the authenticity of any film shot in Pittsburgh.

What we know about the story now is that Jake Davis, the novelist portrayed by Mr. Crowe, whose literary agent is played by Jane Fonda, is a widower who lost his wife in a car accident and has suffered from mental illness. He is navigating a complicated relationship with his adult daughter, Katie, who is studying to be a psychologist.

If Mr. Crowe or director Gabriele Muccino is reading, you might want to consider these realistic Pittsburgh-centric tweaks for the story line:

read the rest of this article | source

Russell Crowe spotted on “Fathers and Daughters” set

Unofficial poster for “Fathers and Daughters”

Director Gabriele Muccino posted on his twitter the unofficial poster for Fathers and Daughters :

To work with @russellcrowe is an incredible experience. Huge charisma, powerful, just greatly powerful!

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Jane Fonda joins Russell Crowe in “Fathers and Daughters”

Veteran actress Jane Fonda has signed on to star in the upcoming romantic drama ‘Fathers and Daughters’.
Actor Russell Crowe is already attached to the film, which will also star Aaron Paul, Amanda Seyfried, Octavia Spencer, Diane Kruger and Quvenzhane Wallis, reported Deadline.
Crowe will play a struggling novelist dealing with depression while raising his 5-year-old daughter, while Seyfried will play the older version of his daughter 20 years later.
Fonda, 76, has signed on to play Crowe’s longtime friend and literary agent.

Russell Crowe in “Noah” – Movie stills

Added movie stills with Russell Crowe as Noah in Noah :

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Russell Crowe on “The Water Diviner” set

Russell Crowe spotted working on the set for his new movie The Water Diviner in South Australia on January 23, 2014 :

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“Noah” Super Bowl Trailer

Russell Crowe whacks himself in the head with a log, all in the name of art, on the set of new film “The Water Diviner”

Shooting in near 50-degree weather hasn’t dampened Russell Crowe’s sense of humour.
Crowe is in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges making his first film as director, The Water Diviner.
On Thursday, showing off a scene he’d shot days earlier where his character is hit in the head with a log, Crowe quipped those experiencing the whack were in a position “many a journalist would feel privileged” to be in.
As director and leading man, Crowe didn’t cut himself any slack, and made himself film the scene five times.
The Gladiator Oscar winner plays an Australian father who travels to Turkey after WWI to find the bodies of his three sons lost in battle.
“There’s something celebratory about Australia in this movie that I couldn’t turn away from,” he said. “I couldn’t not be part of it. I also couldn’t not be the one who controls it. I smelt it and I wanted to be the person that brought it to life.”
He believes, in a way, that the story picks up where the Australian classic Gallipoli left off – showing the aftermath of war.
“This is what happens to the people who were left back at home. There’s a whole bunch of stuff to do with being a father, grief and loss.
“I don’t think any part of this narrative glorifies war. The exact opposite.”
The past week has been one of the biggest on The Water Diviner production, largely spent shooting a scene where a train carrying fighters is ambushed, replete with gunshots, explosions and men on horseback.
The outskirts of the town of Quorn is standing in for Turkey, with the tracks and carriages supplied by the local Pichi Richi heritage railway.
Crowe hand-picked his crew and co-stars, including young Australians Ryan Corr (who plays one of his sons) and Jai Courtney, old friends Jacqueline McKenzie and Steve Bastoni, Ukrainian-born beauty Olga Kurylenko and Turkish actors Yilmaz Erdogan and Cem Yilmaz.
The acclaimed actor’s transition to director shouldn’t come as a surprise.
“Film is in my DNA,” Crowe said, while keeping an eye on five different camera monitors. “I did my first TV show when I was six. I’ve worked in front of a camera since I was a kid and had access over my career to some of the greatest minds who’ve ever worked in the business.”
Producer Troy Lum marvelled at Crowe’s ability to flick between actor and director mode in same scene, while co-producer Andrew Mason declared the first timer was doing “bloody well”.
The director’s responsibilities have so far included everything from approving characters’ costumes to negotiating with representatives of the Turkish government to receive permission to film in the country.
The production will move to southern Turkey in March.
Crowe laughed that “if I can rely 1000 per cent on the central character, it does make a lot of other things easier”.
All indications are his first time as director won’t be his last: “Being the director of a feature film is a great job, I hadn’t realised how cool a job it was until I started this.”
Crowe was just as enthusiastic at the end of a long, hot working day, asking his team, “When do we get to blow shit up?”
The Water Diviner has already been sold to many international territories on the back of the story and Crowe’s appeal. A release date is yet to be set, but it looks likely to reach cinemas in early 2015.


New Poster for “Noah”

Paramount has released a new poster for Noah featuring a very serious Russell Crowe. The film hits theaters March 28, 2014, and also stars stars Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winstone, Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins and Logan Lerman. Check it out:

Russell Crowe speaks to The Advertiser on the Burra set of his Gallipoli film The Water Diviner

Russell Crowe says the Gallipoli film he is shooting in South Australia’s Mid North has proved challenging to direct but he is revelling in the great people and locations within our state.
The Oscar-winning actor told The Advertiser today he was enjoying his time in the Mid-North, where he has spent the past week directing The Water Diviner.
“I love South Australia. I’ve been coming here for quite a few years now,” he said.
“The people are great, the locations amazing and filming is going really well.”
Crowe said it was the moving narrative that attracted him to the film, in which he plays a father who loses his three sons in the World War One battle of Gallipoli.
The Water Diviner is about the aftermath of war, it follows the story of a guy called Joshua Connor who has three robust, loving sons and as was expected of them at the time, they all join up (to fight),” Crowe said.
“Three of them are shot on the same day in Gallipoli. It sets off a series of other negative events in his life, he ends up going to Turkey to try and retrieve his three sons.
“It’s intrinsically and iconically Australian, it’s a wonderful story from that perspective.”
Crowe said he was managing to juggle his acting and directing duties well.
“I’ve had lots of roles come my way in terms of people wanting me to direct, probably for 10 or 15 years but not as challenging as this one,” he said.
“It’s a natural thing for me (to choose this project), in terms of the narrative. In all my choices, there’s a common denominator with my films, there’s always a good story behind them.”
Crowe said he planned to be in SA for five weeks.
“Then we’re shooting in Turkey, in Istanbul, then down to the southern coast of Turkey,” he said.
“The narrative is actually set in north-western Victoria, but around here you find a lot of similar colours and closer infrastructure.”
Crowe, dressed in a black suit and hat in hot conditions, filmed one continuous take, where he solemnly rode up and down a dusty track at Peet Hill, near Eudunda, about 100km from Adelaide, which lasted more than 20 minutes.
Several crew members, watching the action unfold on nearby monitors, commented on the length of the shot and said it was among the longest they had worked on.
The shoot took place in front of a picturesque church, which was used for later action.
Fellow Australian actor Damian de Montemas was also on set, dressed in Outback attire – beige pants, brown boots, a white shirt and an akubra hat.
Crowe has been a familiar sight in the nearby Mid-North town of Burra.
Several locals told The Advertiser they had spotted Crowe on a bicycle cycling from Burra to the sets of the Gallipoli film at World’s End, about 25km away .
He even did so during last week’s heatwave, where the temperature regularly topped 40C.
Cook O Burra cafe owner Jenetta Sosa said she had served Crowe and crew members coffee on several occasions.
“My son told me who he (Crowe) was and I just couldn’t believe it,” Ms Sosa said.
“It’s definitely created a buzz around town, it’s usually pretty quiet this time of the year.”
It is believed Crowe is staying in a private residence.
Scenes were also shot at Unicorn Brewery Cellars in the heart of Burra.
On Saturday Crowe filmed another scene on horseback before dining at Italian restaurant La Pecora Nera.
Other SA filming locations for Crowe’s directorial debut, in which he plays a father searching for his missing sons in the wake of the Gallipoli campaign, are believed to include Port Augusta, Quorn and Adelaide before cast and crew move on to Turkey.
Some crew are already staying in Port Augusta and more are expected to arrive in the Spencer Gulf city later this week.
Burra is no stranger to film sets – parts of the horror flick Wolf Creek 2 were also filmed there.


Crowe brings a touch of Hollywood to sleepy Eudunda for his directorial debut

Russell Crowe has walked the world’s red carpets as one of our top actors but he looked like an ordinary bloke on a horse when he stopped by the sleepy South Australian town of Eudunda yesterday.
The Oscar winner brought a touch of Hollywood to the town, population 600, as he shot his directorial debut film The Water Diviner, a drama about an Australian man who travels to Turkey after the Gallipoli campaign to find his missing sons.
Crowe, dressed in black suit and hat, endured hot conditions as he rode a horse up and down a dusty track at Australia Plains, about 100km from Adelaide.
Fellow Australian actor Damian de Montemas was also on set, dressed in Outback attire – beige pants, brown boots, white shirt and Akubra.
The cast and crew have been giving the region’s pubs, cafes and restaurants a solid workout and locals have been Crowe-spotting, with sightings of him in nearby Burra, cycling from the town to the sets at World’s End about 25km away.
Other South Australian locations for Crowe’s directorial debut are believed to include Port Augusta, Quorn and Adelaide. The cast and crew will then move on to Turkey to shoot the Gallipoli side of the movie.